Common Data Models Being Used Today

Common Data Models Being Used Today

May 22, 2008 0 Comments

In a previous podcast Ken Rugg, VP of Products for ObjectStore at Progress Software, defined what a common model is and how it improves SOA infrastructure initiatives. In this 5 minute podcast, Ken Rugg talks about what common models are being used today, how they fit in, and how Progress’ is helping you realize the value of deploying a common model within your enterprise application infrastructure. One common model being deployed today is TM Forum’s Shared Information/Data (SID) model. By using the SID model, telecommunication companies are reducing costs because they can deploy new services faster and maintain semantic consistency across different services and systems.

Listen to the podcast: Common Data Models Being Used Today

If you are a telecommunications architect looking to learn more about the SID Model, download the SID Model Browser - it's free. You will be able to use the SID Model Browser to gain an understanding of the structure and details of the SID. Starting at the highest level, you can navigate through any of the eight distinct domain areas of this common model, inspecting the hierarchy within a specific domain, and the details of the classes and attributes contained within the hierarchy.


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