Cloud is about Improving the Delivery of Business Applications

Cloud is about Improving the Delivery of Business Applications

May 20, 2013 0 Comments

Progress Software sponsored the All About the Cloud Conference in San Francisco, CA on May 7-9, 2013. I had the pleasure of attending the conference with a chance to participate in a panel session titled “How Cloud Solutions Work Together in an Integrated Fashion.”  There were over 275 ISVs at the conference and lots of good exchange of information happened, while ISVs shared their experiences/successes with others.

One of the biggest challenges that most ISVs struggle with is the integration of their application with other applications.  Our panel offered several ideas and best practices around what others have done to address this challenge. We spoke about developing and architecting more data-driven cloud-based applications, as well as using tools such as OpenEdge and DataDirect Cloud to improve on the development/delivery/integration of cloud-based business applications.

While at the conference, I also participated in a video interview with the Montclare Group on how cloud is changing the industry.  In the interview, I explained how it’s not about the cloud technology itself, but about using that technology to help customers automate their businesses and get access to data by deploying business applications.


Colleen Smith

Colleen is responsible for go-to-market planning, strategy and product marketing for Progress’ OpenEdge Business Unit, in addition to SaaS/Cloud industry thought leadership.  Colleen joined the company in 2005 with 20 years of enterprise software marketing, sales, and product strategy experience, and has helped transform software companies into industry leaders, built strategic partnerships, designed acquisition strategies, and moved companies through aggressive growth stages.  

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