Chatham Financial Builds Secure SQL Server with DataDirect

Chatham Financial Builds Secure SQL Server with DataDirect

January 29, 2016 0 Comments

Chatham Financial needed a turnkey, secure solution to migrate Salesforce and Marketo data into a SQL Server data warehouse. Progress DataDirect helped them achieve their goal and make key business decisions faster and more efficiently.

About Chatham Financial

ChathamChatham Financial is a full-service financial risk management advisory services and technology solutions firm. They serve clients in the areas of interest rate, foreign currency, commodity hedging, hedge accounting, regulatory compliance, defeasance and debt and derivatives valuations. Founded in 1991, Chatham serves over 1,600 companies annually, bringing deep derivatives expertise, services and technology solutions to clients through a global team of risk management professionals, CPAs, analysts and technology developers.

A Turnkey Data Integration Solution

A major challenge for Chatham financial was that cloud providers require specific APIs to move data in and out of the platform. They needed a provider that connected Salesforce and Marketo, and needed very few internal resources to maintain.

Many solutions provide a Salesforce connector, but along with it comes unnecessary ETL capabilities and no connector for Marketo data. Working with such high security data, Chatham financial needed to find a company that had it all in one package. “That is where Progress DataDirect Cloud comes in—it has all the connectors we were looking for in one place,” said Matt Roberts, Marketing Analytics Manager for Chatham Financial.

Solving the Problem

Once Chatham Financial deployed DataDirect Cloud, their data warehouse was up and running in just six months. This period included vetting DataDirect Cloud for security. “Security is very important to us—we put the software through very rigorous testing and policy procedures before we would accept it. The fact that Progress was able to pass those tests was critical,” said Roberts.

All the Marketo and Salesforce data was successfully migrated into a data warehouse, and because DataDirect has an ODBC driver, Chatham Financial could use all of their familiar, existing tools. This enabled them to deploy a month sooner that they would have otherwise been able to. DataDirect Cloud was able to meet strict security standards, did not require internal resources and deployed far faster than a multiple-vendor solution.

The Perfect Partner

“Whenever we had a problem or noticed an issue, they were on it within 24 to 48 hours,” Roberts said. “That kind of responsiveness gave us even more confidence we had made the right decision.” DataDirect Cloud offers a wide variety of easy, secure, turnkey data connectivity solutions. If you are interested in partnering with DataDirect, pick up a free trial of any of our data connectivity solutions today and experience firsthand what companies like Killik & Co, Pacer Group, and Yamaha have seen—customer success spurred by quality solutions.

For more information on how we helped Chatham Financial succeed take a look at their customer success story,” How Chatham Financial Makes Progress.” Also, check out what other customers have to say in our success stories page.


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