Capturing the Hearts of Today’s Content Marketers

Capturing the Hearts of Today’s Content Marketers

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From cybersecurity to productivity, today's content marketers face a lot of challenges. The right CMS can be a big asset in helping busy marketers deal with these obstacles and get back to what matters most—creating great digital experiences. 

Challenges facing content marketers today are ever-escalating. Apart from developing content, today’s content marketers must have the tech know-how to push out endless content in real-time across a range of new channels and digital touchpoints. Additionally, cybersecurity is now everybody’s business in today’s data economy, not excluding content marketers who must also stay abreast of the latest in cybersecurity to protect from information theft.

It sounds like a lot, but here’s the good news. Content marketers do not necessarily need to start worrying about developing a firewall from scratch or writing complex code. By tapping into existing knowledge and technology in the market, the will soon realize that they’re not on their own.

I work for a company called Bigazines, which is a full-service agency that specializes in digital marketing consultancy services, and we’ve helped a lot of businesses address their digital gaps. Since partnering with Progress to offer Sitefinity to our customers, many of them have successfully modernized their content management and creation processes to meet and exceed their business goals.

Here are four key features that modern content management systems (CMS) must have to capture the hearts of content marketers today.

1. Robust Protection Against Cybersecurity Threats

On the back of several high-profile exposés, content marketers are waking up to the importance of website security and privacy issues. They need a CMS with robust security features that will safeguard their customers’ personal information and help their businesses stay compliant.

While open-source systems are available for free, they take no responsibility for security and data breaches. Content marketers who invest in a good CMS will benefit from having the necessary safeguards in place from day one, managed by a dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists who can jump in to assist anytime. 

2. Smart Features That Save Time and Money

From websites to mobile apps and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, content marketers today must oversee a wide range of content across multiple platforms every day. A CMS that captures the hearts of content marketers is one that can do all of that in one interface, with just one click of a button. Not only does this significantly improve efficiency, it also reduces human error and inconsistencies across channels and platforms. 

Surprisingly, a basic feature that is sometimes overlooked in some CMS is a preview function that allows content marketers to make sure that everything looks just right before going public. Especially when content has to be published across multiple platforms and channels, each with different formatting requirements, content marketers need to be able to see how the content will look on each platform before they hit the “Publish” button.

Content marketing is also often a team effort. Because each piece of content will most likely go through several stages of edits before being published, modern CMS platforms must have a tracking function that records every change made. This will save valuable time and reduce the cost of backtracking when certain edits must be traced.

3. Tools That Eliminate Integration Headaches

Integrating an entirely new system into existing workflows and infrastructures can be painful. Content marketers may lose some data in the process, and find their routine disrupted for a few days.

Many of our customers are using other cloud services such as SharePoint and Microsoft Azure to store their content, and I find that implementation headaches can be avoided with a good CMS that plays nice with existing processes and data, so that disruption and data loss are kept to a minimum.

Sitefinity has a built-in API platform that communicates directly with SharePoint and integrates with Microsoft Azure, giving content marketers easy access to their digital assets anytime and anywhere inspiration strikes. It’s a great way to combine the security and convenience of Sitefinity Insight with the extra features of cloud services for the flexibility to manage digital images and videos on the go.

4. Accessible IT Support

Last but not least, website malfunctions happen more often than we like to admit. Not only are they embarrassing, they can do real harm to your brand. That’s why it’s crucial for busy content marketers to have direct contact with a team of reliable IT support specialists who can troubleshoot issues quickly.

When deciding to invest in a CMS, remember to ask about the IT support services that come with the system. It is something handy to always keep in your back pocket, especially for content marketers who have never used a CMS before.  

The Bottom Line

Content marketers want a user-friendly system that simplifies their job. Only when there is a robust backend system in place to take care of everything from customer data analysis to security measures can content marketers truly focus on delivering meaningful engagement and better experiences with ease. 

Sitefinity is easy to pick up, easy to fall in love with and easy to integrate into your existing workflows. Most importantly, it offers valuable peace of mind when it comes to security. Why not give it a try today?

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Paul Yung

Paul Yung is the consulting director at Bigazines, which is a full-service agency that specializes in digital marketing consultancy services.


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