Announcing AutoEdge|TheFactory, a new OpenEdge Sample Application

Announcing AutoEdge|TheFactory, a new OpenEdge Sample Application

Posted on March 31, 2011 0 Comments

To coincide with the release of OpenEdge 10.2b04 and Savvion 7.6.1 we are pleased to announce a new sample application, AutoEdge|TheFactory which can be found on Progress Communities :

AutoEdge|TheFactory is an extension of the use cases illustrated by the original AutoEdge sample application.  Where AutoEdge is based upon the business functions of an automobile dealer, AutoEdge|TheFactory is based upon the business functions of an automobile manufacturer supplying vehicles to dealers.

The aim of AutoEdge|TheFactory is to introduce the concepts of an OpenEdge Reference Architecture based Business Process Application utilizing OpenEdge BPM.

Recorded guides

To see more about AutoEdge|TheFactory  there are a set of videos that guide you through the installation as well as the design and running of the  application:

  • The installation guide is here ; it contains a walk-through of the installation process (approx. 15min)
  • A recording describing the design process in SBM Studio is here (approx. 30min)
  • A recording running through the process appears here (approx. 12min)

The Source Code

In order to run the complete sample application you will need both OpenEdge 10.2b04 and Savvion 7.6.1 installed. AutoEdge|TheFactory is developed utilizing the Object Oriented extensions to the ABL in OpenEdge 10.2B so you can install without Savvion in order to get a closer look at the code.

Selected code highlights

  • Inversion of Control Container: InjectABL
  • Query manipulation and query row keys
  • Data request and response
  • Enumerations in OOABL
  • Structured Error Handling
  • Strongly-typed Events
  • Object Serialization


There is also a wealth of documentation related to the project available that highlights & describes many of the coding techniques & decisions made on the project so far.


This is the first of a planned number of releases of AutoEdge|TheFactory over the coming months, you can expect to see more functionality and documentation being added as we work our way through the project.


Please feel free to give us feedback, good and bad through the discussion forums attached to the project.


Special thanks go to all those people who worked on the project, with particular mention to Peter Judge for his tireless efforts in making this a reality, along with support from a cast of many including Havard Danielsen, Sarah Marshall, Dr. Kamyar and Ken Wilner for his constant feedback, plus those who helped test in the final days before going public.


Many Thanks


Mike Ormerod

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