Annaghmore Lowers Maintenance Costs and Increases Order Fulfillment with Progress OpenEdge

Annaghmore Lowers Maintenance Costs and Increases Order Fulfillment with Progress OpenEdge

August 10, 2021 0 Comments
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With the Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge, Annaghmore can connect the warehouse management system with critical eCommerce stock and ordering systems.

In this Success Story Spotlight, we look at Annaghmore, a furniture importer and wholesaler based in Ireland. Using OpenEdge, Annaghmore was able to boost order fulfillment by 25% thanks to In-DEX. This robust, modular system delivers high-end warehouse functionality to meet the requirements of modern enterprises running in the background.


Despite having enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions or standard operating procedures (SOP) solutions in place to help manage stock movement between warehouses and the order picking process, Annaghmore was still experiencing costly inefficiencies that were proving to be significant growth hurdles.


Annaghmore turned to In-DEX WMS, a warehouse management system from Principal Logistics Technologies built on the Progress OpenEdge platform, to tip the scales back in its favor.

Annaghmore optimized operations like order fulfillment and warehouse space management across the board thanks to the In-DEX WMS.

With Progress OpenEdge, Annaghmore was able to:

  • Provide a development environment that combines comprehensive business logic with modern frontends.
  • Offer a zero-downtime solution with real-time, database-level replication with a high level of stability.
  • Enable companies to integrate In-DEX WMS with other critical data service tools as a fully SQL compliant platform.


Annaghmore has significantly improved its warehouse operations after implementing In-DEX WMS, fully redesigning how products are housed and how picking operations are directed to employees. This resulted in a 25% increase in fulfillment rates. Annaghmore also saw improvements in order picking, which resulted in better delivery accuracy, happier customers, and fewer items being returned.

Want to know more about the capabilities and functions of OpenEdge? Read the full case study to learn more about how Annaghmore can connect the WMS with crucial eCommerce stock and ordering systems using the Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge.

Read the case study

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian is a product marketing specialist at Progress focused on the Corticon, Kinvey, iMacros, iMail and MessageWay solutions. A former intern at Progress, Jessica is a recent college grad who is excited to be a full-time Progresser.

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