Accelerate DevOps and Drive Consistency with Sitefinity 9.2

Accelerate DevOps and Drive Consistency with Sitefinity 9.2

Posted on October 04, 2016 0 Comments

In today’s digital world, the role of IT is transitioning. Changing from technology provider to business partner as businesses strive to meet the needs of demanding digital consumers. To respond, developers seek innovative ways to streamline processes and improve output, all without sacrificing functionality—or quality. If done right, they’ll be able to keep pace with fast moving marketing counterparts and deliver impressive digital solutions. This was what we kept in mind when engineering Sitefinity 9.2.

New Sitefinity 9.2: Work Smarter and Faster

Sitefinity 9.2 delivers a number of key features that accelerate DevOps processes, drive consistency across web properties and optimize marketing programs. With this release, developers can leverage existing sites and data to quickly create new website projects to go to market more quickly. They can also enable marketers with machine learning technology that provides deeper insights to marketing programs. Sitefinity 9.2 includes the following features:

Site Starter Kits

Create and use site start kits to build new website projects faster and with better consistency.

Add-Ons Framework

Create NuGet-based add-on packages to reuse website themes, functionality and content across multiple website projects or Sitefinity instances.

Continuous Delivery Support

Streamline website and content configuration changes in multiple environment and eliminate potential conflicts during continuous delivery updates.

Page Template Revision History

Quickly trace web page updates back to a specific template change and revert back to a previous version to resolve issues.

Precompiler Tool

Reduce load times, decrease server processing and deliver a better customer experience when publishing new or updated pages.

Calendar Widget

Manage and display events in a calendar view using the latest ASP.NET MVC widget.

Touchpoints Discovery

Leverage machine learning to automatically discover key customer interactions, optimize experiences and increase conversions.

For more information on these features watch our What’s New webinar or refer to the What’s New page. Build smarter and faster with Sitefinity 9.2 and ensure your business is positioned to respond to the market.


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Barrett Coakley

Barrett Coakley is the Senior Manager, Products Marketing for the Progress Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS) and the Sitefinity DEC, a digital marketing analytics platform.  Mr. Coakley has worked in various marketing positions for both startup and large technology organizations for over 20 years.


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