6 Customers Share Their Successes on Get to Know Your Customers Day

6 Customers Share Their Successes on Get to Know Your Customers Day

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On Get to Know Your Customers Day, Progress shares the experiences and satisfaction of various customers across our product lines. Read about how each customer continues to create cutting-edge solutions for their companies.

In 1994, Claes Fornell, a renowned financial researcher for businesses worldwide, founded the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Over the course of 30 years, the ACSI has run satisfaction surveys from over 300,000+ customers of 400+ companies across the United States. In doing so, they’ve helped those companies learn from their customers and improve their products and services.

Why write about the brief history of the ACSI?

Get to Know Your Customers Day is often thought to have spun out of the ACSI’s personal customer-focused practices.

Every third Thursday of October is Get to Know Your Customers Day. Over the last four decades, Progress sales, marketing and engineering teams have gone out of their way to let our customers know how fortunate we are to have their continued business. Not only does Progress value each customer relationship, but we are eager to share how our customers develop and deploy our products to achieve their goals. That said, while we would love to highlight every Progress customer use case, for this post, we decided to highlight customers representative of some of our core sectors, such as DevOps, BI and B2B.

Get to know the customers who make Progress who we are today.

RDO Equipment Co. Leverages Progress Sitefinity During its Digital Transformation, Enabling First-Time Ecommerce Sales

RDO Equipment Co. sought to transform their digital experience to allow for an ecommerce sales model to capture online customers, empower the marketing team with greater control over the customer journey (to generate more leads), and create a headless ecommerce site for the first time. RDO turned to Americaneagle.com to assist with the implementation of Progress Sitefinity as a crucial component in their digital transformation journey.

“Progress Sitefinity was the key technology that enabled us to create a robust headless ecommerce site. Our goal was to create an industry leading digital experience for our customers. Knowing the complexities of our business, finding the right partners was paramount. Progress Sitefinity, along with Americaneagle.com, was instrumental in helping us reach our goal. One of our core values is to Create Opportunities, by introducing our new online shopping experience, we’ve made it easier for customers to do business with us.”

- Ted Horan, Vice President, Marketing and E-Commerce, RDO Equipment Co.

Read more about RDO Equipment here.

Lindesberg Municipality Improves Network Reliability and Quality for Its 5,500 Simultaneous Users with Progress WhatsUp Gold

Lindesberg Municipality relies on WhatsUp Gold for network reliability and quality for their employees in schools, building management departments and government offices, along with heath inspectors, city planners and more. At any given time, there were about 5,500 users on the network simultaneously between IoT devices and Wi-Fi. Lindesberg Municipality initially implemented WhatsUp Gold to monitor the connections between its switches and routers, and today it is also monitoring its servers, including Azure, Office 365 and many other business-critical applications. There is also 24/7/365 “on call or stand by” service that gets its alarms from WhatsUp Gold. Lindsberg knows when it is time to increase the RAM or CPU on a server well before it reaches its max.

“We have improved the quality of our networks, we have happier end users and we prevent a lot of support cases each day. Over time, Lindesberg has moved from a network-centric to a service-centric installation, ensuring first and foremost that the experience our customers are getting is satisfactory. We are now able to focus on the service experience, and not ensuring service availability.”

- Anders Widegren Departmental Manager IT and Telecommunications, Lindesberg Municipality

Read more about Lindesberg Municipality here.

Abrigo Elevates Company-Wide Security with Progress MOVEit

Abrigo provides financial services software focusing on compliance, lending and credit-risk for credit unions. When Abrigo brought its managed service provider footprint on-premises, Progress MOVEit made it a swift, smooth and efficiency-boosting transition. The company uses MOVEit to support one product line: Financial crime detection software. MOVEit Automation then became a critical tool that enabled the company to absorb its managed service provider footprint into its own co-location data center. This step saved Abrigo customers from having to maintain VPN connections to its previous managed service provider.

“Historically, managing connections with our managed service provider, especially with smaller institutions, added significant overhead, challenges and impacted the customer experience. Adding MOVEit Managed File Transfer and moving to a co-location data center allowed us to simplify the customer experience and add efficiency.”

- Charley Hibbard, Abrigo

Read more about Abrigo here.

Coop Deploys Progress Flowmon to Observe and Report Data Traffic of its 1300 Subsidiaries

As one of the largest retail and wholesale companies in Switzerland, the Coop Group required a solution capable of monitoring 40,000 data flow points per second across approximately 1,300 stores. After developing a proof of concept, Coop deployed Progress Flowmon to consolidate data flow and implement a web portal for monitoring all traffic in a single view.

“We found that Flowmon could handle our data traffic and present the information much faster than our current solution, and there was the usability of the Flowmon portal, which was easier to use than what we had.”

- Roberto Abeledo Alonso, Network Administrator at Coop

Read more about Coop here.

Discount Tire Taps Chef to Accelerate Application Delivery

Core to Discount Tire’s success is their commitment to continuously seek out new and innovative approaches that lead to better customer experiences. To support this effort, the Discount Tire app delivery teams needed the ability to easily test drive and adopt new technologies, many of which are built on cloud-based architectures and different flavors of Linux. As a result, the Discount Tire team didn’t want to be locked into their legacy Red Hat infrastructure and decided to migrate from Satellite to Chef. This started with migrating its website to AWS, which meant a move from Satellite to Chef. With Chef, Discount Tire has been able to take advantage of Chef’s Policy-as-Code approach to consolidate management of its on-prem instances and AWS configuration policies, while automating its patching process and accelerating application delivery.

“With Chef, not only are we able to benefit from automated configuration management and compliance, but Chef’s Policy as Code approach enables us to document and embed best practices into our application delivery process, resulting in consistently better outcomes for our team and ultimately Discount Tire customers.”

- Dan Carrington, Senior Systems Engineer, Discount Tire

Read more about Discount Tire here.

BAYOOTEC Delivers Integrated Digital Transformation UX 15% Faster with Kendo UI

BAYOOTEC AG is a leading software development company that develops software applications in the medical and enterprise sectors. BAYOOTEC, its Enterprise Software division, specializes in the development of CMS-based digital platforms, marketplaces, ecommerce portals and complex state-of-the-art business software solutions. As more global events turn into catalysts for digital transformation, some organizations struggle to transition to an all platform-based model quickly enough. In helping them move their business online, BAYOOTEC relies on the Kendo UI for Angular and Telerik UI for MVC versatile UI libraries to digitalize operations.

“Thanks to Kendo UI for Angular, we’ve managed to make space for more projects and retain existing customers because they are confident we will deliver a consistent front-end experience across all their applications.”

- Ekaterina Ruzhekova, COO of BAYOOTEC

Read more about BAYOOTEC here.

On Get to Know Your Customers Day, we cannot thank our customers enough!

What else can be said but a large thank you to our customers who have been with Progress for many years. You are one of the pillars of Progress’s business, and we are happy to showcase your successes and accomplishments on our website.

Are you a Progress customer who has an experience you would like to share? Reach out to us and see how you can showcase your own story. We eagerly await to hear from you and potentially feature your innovation and success on the next Get to Know Your Customers Day.

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