Introducing Corticon 5.6

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Introducing Corticon 5.6

The latest release of Progress Corticon is here! Watch this on demand recording as Mike Parish, Solution Engineer at Progress, presents an overview highlighting some of the new features in Corticon 5.6 and a Q&A session. You’ll learn about:

  • Cloud Deployment Support—Enhanced security, multi-server management and server analytics
  • New Extension Architecture—Easier to deploy and share both Extended Operators and Service Call Outs, as well as a number of sample extensions available on GitHub
  • Change Impact Analysis—New and enhanced dependency graphs and reports make it easy to understand relationships and dependencies across terms, rules and rule sets.
  • And much more
About the Speaker
Mike Parish has been working with business rules for over 30 years. He currently supports Corticon, but has worked with other rules engines on the sales support side and as a customer, building real applications. When he’s not writing rules, you may find him dancing Argentine tango in Buenos Aires or perhaps fencing.


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