Introduction to Managed Database Administration (MDBA) Services

January 24, 2020

There's a lot of companies who can help monitor your database and a lot of them do just that… they basically monitor.

But for you, this is more than just a database—it's your company's livelihood. And because of this, it deserves a more powerful managed solution. One that continuously provides you with increased efficiency, preventative measures and always proven reliability for your business's database.

That's when you need the proven power of Managed Database Administration from Progress. So just how powerful is the M in our MDBA?

First and foremost, it's mighty—mighty affordable, that is. Our MDBA is a lot more cost effective than hiring your own fulltime DBA. So for you, that's money.

It's also masterful when it comes to transparency and performance. You get nearly real-time, full visibility of activity. Seeing your data for the first time like this, some say it's miraculous.

Progress MDBA also offers matchless experience in the field. With over 200 years of combined experience in Progress OpenEdge, there isn't a challenge we can't handle. We serve over 150 customers with over 2,100 databases, totaling over 150 terabytes of data with 175,000 connected users. All of this supported by a global team of 20 DBAs, each with more than 20 years of experience. This is the largest and most experienced team in the industry, supporting the largest managed database practice.

Where else will you find a team with this kind of depth and breadth? A team meticulously monitoring your data in a proactive way so you can use your data to your best advantage and gain more momentum in the marketplace. There are so many multiple benefits in our MDBA, like enjoying full time 24/7 support, seeing your database run at peak efficiency and knowing you have the ultimate insurance for your data.

Is magnificent too strong a word? Companies who've seen the power of M may not think so.

  • "Terrific overall support day and night. Other companies take days or weeks."
  • "MDBA reduced our reporting schedule from three days to 15 minutes. It brings us peace of mind at a fraction of the cost of someone on site."
  • "MDBA gives us the confidence to proceed with complex products, knowing we have the expertise for success and the assurance that our data is safe."

In business today, your database is mission critical. You need early warnings, you need peak performance, you need the power to proceed. So why just monitor your database when you can manage it to empower your business? MDBA, only from Progress.


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