Progress OpenEdge Pro2 Introduction

November 19, 2019

There are some things in life you probably shouldn't try to build on your own. Like putting together your own submarine. Yeah, not really a great idea. Or making your own jet pack? Oh, if you don't get everything just right, you could have a disaster on your hands.

The same principle applies to the data in your business. The way it runs is essential to your success. You need efficiency, performance and above all, reliability, all running in near real-time, so you can use this critical data to get ahead. That means there's one more thing you can add to that list of things you shouldn't try to do on your own, and that's building your own data replication solution.

Fortunately, you'll never have to because Progress has already built one of the best data replication solutions available today. It's called Progress OpenEdge Pro2, and it's better than ever.

With Pro2, you get the same great performance with even better usability, scalability and productivity. With a new intuitive web interface and high visibility dashboards, you can streamline your data configuration and management processes and improve monitoring. Simplify the installation and upgrade process with new installation and replication wizards. Set your business up for future growth needs with enterprise-level views and aggregated data across all environments.

Pro2 delivers an elegant and intuitive experience that expands the solution’s functionality to give you the most evolved data replication solution to date. Just imagine it: your data at your fingertips, reliably and quickly, with a global view, in near real-time.

That's why we built Pro2. And companies looking for a better replication solution are thrilled with the results.

"Pro2 ensures that we’re more efficient and effective in obtaining pertinent information, giving us the ability to quickly turn that information into actions."

Customers have used OpenEdge Pro2 in many different configurations, from accessing data in the cloud to consolidating large, enterprise-wide disparate databases, with Pro2 going above and beyond expectations every time.

Yep, some things you should probably never build on your own because they're just too explosive to tinker with. That's why you need to power up your data with OpenEdge Pro2, a simple, quick and intuitive data replication solution.
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