WhatsUp Gold Customer Support Guide

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Customer Support Channels

You can’t have award-winning products without an award-winning support system. We offer a comprehensive blend of support resources, ranging from an expansive Knowledge Base to responsive phone support delivered by our product engineers. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help your IT team shine.

Our support offerings include:

  • Progress Community: A meeting ground for our customers, partners and employees where everyone can discuss challenges, share stories and trade tips. If you’ve got a question, there’s a good chance someone’s already answered it in the Progress Community.
  • Online Knowledge Base: A repository of all product information designed to help you find the right answer, fast. Get quick answers and fast results at the Knowledge Base.
  • Technical Support: If all else fails, who better to ask than the people who built the product? Submit a ticket online via SupportLink or call our technical support hotline during business hours and our product engineers will help you find the ideal solution to your specific situation.

Your success is our success, which is why we take our technical support very seriously. Our support team is assessed by Net Promoter Score (NPS) instead of the number of cases they close. With anything above 50 considered “excellent,” our support team has an NPS of 60.

Contacting Progress Technical Support

Support Eligibility

Technical support is available for Ipswitch products and services with active maintenance and support services or subscriptions. Please review the Product Lifecycle for supported versions of our products.

Customer Support Knowledge Base

Before opening a support case or calling technical support, consult the online Knowledge Base. Our Knowledge Base is a consolidation of all product information in one location so you can find the right answer fast. Pose a specific question or search the Knowledge Base by topic. For quick answers and fast results to one or more questions, customers can use these self-help resources instead of creating a support case.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the public Knowledge Base, you can either:

Via SupportLink

You can open a new support case on SupportLink (accessible via the Progress Community) by clicking Contact Support on the My Products page.

To create a new case, you’ll need to fill out the complete form following these steps:

  1. From the community home page, select “Explore” from the SupportLink area
  2. In SupportLink, select “Create Case”
  3. If you own more than one Progress Product, please select the Product from the list provided
  4. Select “Technical Support” from the list for Type
  5. Select your Product from the drop down in Product Group
  6. Select the active maintenance from the Product menu
  7. Select your product version, if applicable
  8. Select your database, if applicable
  9. Fill in the Subject for a brief description of your issue
  10. Provide an extensive description of the issue you are opening a case on in the “Question/Problem Description field
  11. Provide the text for any error messages or warnings you are experiencing in the Error Message field
  12. Select Continue
  13. Select your Severity, which represents the impact to your business operations
  14. Select your Customer Application Type
  15. Select Submit Case

Note: You can also attach files to your case to provide more context. On the Case Details page, simply click the Attachments section and select “Upload Files” to upload it. Please be sure to enter any additional information about the file in the case comments.

Via Phone

We provide unlimited phone support during business hours (available on the phone support page) as well as optional emergency support 24x7x365 for business-critical issues.

Technical support via the phone is available for customers with an active service agreement, subscription or are under warranty (which covers the first 30 days after purchase). Additionally, after-hours emergency technical support is available only to customers with an extended support contract.

Managing your Customer Support Case

How fast can I get an answer?

In order to ensure timely responses and resolutions to your cases, we measure our performance against Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Our SLO is to meet our established timelines for 80% or more of your cases. You can view our SLOs here.

Can I get a status update on my Support Case?

Progress Support offers two ways to verify the status of your Customer Support case:

Can I escalate my Support Case?

You may escalate your support case within the case directly, by calling the Support phone and asking to speak to your assigned Support Engineer, or you may reach one of our Support Managers through the contact info available on this page.

When will Support close your Support Case?

Engineers will only close cases when the issue is resolved, and with your agreement, unless:

  • Support has tried repeatedly to contact you, and you have not responded
  • A timescale has been agreed in advance for when the case can be closed if we have not heard from you.
How can I reopen a Support Case?

If, after closing a case, that specific issue reoccurs, you can re-open that case within 30 days from within SupportLink. The issue must be exactly the same and from the same system, otherwise, a new case will need to be opened. You may also call Support on the phone and ask for a case to be re-opened that way.

Product Support

More information can be found in our Product Lifecycle for supported versions of our products (WS_FTP Product Support Lifecycle).