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Enhancing Data Management and Analytics for MES Modernization

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The building blocks of State Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) are best-of-breed, distinct functional modules often developed by different vendors. While this ensures modularity, it makes data integration and management a challenge. Each module may offer a unique approach to integrate data, complicating the ability of a State Medicaid Agency (SMAs) to ingest and process cross-module data effectively. Further, the ability to effectively report on public health is related to an SMA’s ability to unify data across modules to ensure consistency and veracity.

SMAs are addressing these data challenges and creating a unified approach for end-to-end data lifecycle management by leveraging cloud-first, AI-powered data transformation platforms. These allow SMAs to adopt automated approaches that simplify processes and operations to rapidly onboard new and unforeseen data sources, perform record matching, increase auditability via lineage and comprehensive meta data management, and enhance data governance and integrity. By more easily allowing for consistent and reliable data, SMAs are better positioned to make actionable decisions with higher value reporting and analytics.

Join Infosys and Marklogic in this webinar to see a demonstration on how the MarkLogic Data Hub for Medicaid helps power the Infosys Health Insights Platform (IHIP) which enables SMAs to process cross-module data in real-time and turn this data into actions that improve outcomes.

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