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Building on Multi-Model Databases

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What’s the problem? The data is in silos. Business and IT are both demanding a unified view of data to help provide solutions to today’s business challenges, but you can’t use the tools and technologies that created the problem to solve the problem. Enter the Multi-Model database. In this session hosted by Dataversity, John Biedebach introduces a trusted and secure approach to data integration using Multi-Model databases. The data we want to integrate has already been modeled, so we discuss how to load information as-is into a Multi-Model database to leverage the models that already exist in the data. We then apply our own models to our data in place to rapidly deliver answers to business questions while providing value from harmonized information directly to consumers. Also discussed are the characteristics of a Multi-Model database and the benefits of a Multi-Model approach, including:

  • How to get unified views across disparate data models and formats within a single database
  • The benefits of a single product vs multi-product Multi-Model approach to data integration
  • The importance of agility in data access and delivery through APIs, interfaces, and indexes
  • How to scale a multi-model database while still providing ACID capabilities and security
  • How to determine where a multi-model database fits in your existing architecture

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