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Whole Person Care and the Search for the “Golden Profile”

Mar 21, 2023

The health and social data for an individual – the services they receive, their housing records, local public hospital data – hold the key to providing coordinated care and providing caseworkers with information they need to provide holistic care and build trust. Unfortunately, this “golden profile” is difficult to build – the pieces of information that make up an individual’s care profile are often locked away in disparate siloes, making true whole person care unattainable – and deepening social disparities and health inequities in the process.

When coupled with MarkLogic’s Data Hub and its built-in Master Person Index, the Merative Integrated Care case management service creates this 360 view of those in need of coordinated health and social services.

The pairing of these capabilities enables the rapid onboarding of new data and for connections between this data to be realized more quickly. In the hands of caseworkers, this enables communities across the country to better support their vulnerable and at-risk populations by providing this higher-fidelity data upon which better person-based decisions can be made.

Watch this video to learn more about how health and human services agencies can bring whole person care to their own communities and strengthen social supports for the most vulnerable.

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