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What Makes Progress the QAD Experts?

Nov 15, 2021

When a patch to your QAD system just won’t do it’s time to turn to the experts.

At Progress, we don’t just patch. We’re recognized as the QAD experts because we keep your QAD system running at peak efficiency. We know the software and we know your business.

Our certified consultants can help you upgrade and take advantage of all the newest functions of your QAD application. Expand the capabilities of your current system. Fine-tune, integrate, mobile-enable, or web-enable your QAD for more robust performance. Gain and retain valuable insights along the way.  

As systems integrators and manufacturing specialists, our team provides a unique combination of QAD-certified professionals along with the industry’s top OpenEdge experts to ensure you have access to all the right resources to meet your needs.  

But we go even further. We offer custom training, mentoring, implementation, and access to our extensive R&D. With Progress looking after the well-being of your QAD system, you get more time to focus on your business. That adds up to a more robust operation all around.  

So, don’t just patch. Rely on the professionals at Progress. Put our recognized QAD expertise to work for you because the health of your business deserves the best.

Contact us for a QAD consultation and to learn more.

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