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May 13, 2022

The Progress Content Portal provides all the information you need to succeed with Progress products. Product tiles organize the content.

To personalize your experience and save your search preferences, log in to the portal using your Progress ID. If you do not have a ProgressID, click Register to create one.  

Let’s take a closer look at the content for DataDirect. The products include DataDirect Connectors, Hybrid Data Pipeline, and OpenAccess SDK.

Select the DataDirect Connectors to display an alphabetical list of the available data sources. Select a data source to show the available connectors. In this case, ADO.NET, JDBC, and ODBC connectors are available. Each connector has its configuration, installation, user, and reference guides.

Hybrid Data Pipeline, or HDP,  is a lightweight software service that provides simple, secure access to cloud and on-premises data.  

For customers new to HDP, the content includes an overview tile with an introduction, including videos on how to use HDP.

The Get Started tile provides information on installation and setup.
Based on customer feedback, deployment guidelines, scenarios, and a scenarios video appear on a separate tile. 

The remaining tiles logically group content for easy access by topic. For convenience, the last three tiles group the content by type: Resources, Tutorials, and Videos for customers who prefer to browse by content type.  

Returning to the DataDirect page, the last product tile links to the OpenAccess SDK documentation for those developing a custom driver.    

The content portal provides cross-product search capabilities. You can customize your search experience through the Profile icon, Search Preferences. 

Set your search preference by selecting one or more products, versions, and format types. Here you can choose HDP and documentation. Notice that the settings are auto-saved as you choose them.

Select Progress documentation to return to the home page. And now,  when we search for a key phrase, we see the preferences boost the relevant topics towards the top of the list. Note this does not filter out the other topics. It is essential to understand this difference.

Once you find your topic, You can download it, share it, or send us feedback. Be sure to like the content you find helpful.

This concludes our look at the DataDirect Content Portal. 

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