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The Unique Approach and Value of the Operational Data Hub

May 16, 2017

Presenter: Dr. Damon Feldman, Solutions Director, MarkLogic

What is the Operational Data Hub? How does the MarkLogic approach differ from relational? How does it enable better, faster data integration? This talk addresses the data hub pattern as well as teams, planning, modeling, and tool choices that can support a successful implementation. We will also show real-world examples, including a State Human Services example where we captured the complex relationships among people, programs, case workers and benefits. In that case, data from four in-house systems was integrated to one repository and exposed as actionable, real-time REST services. Data ingested includes JSON data exports, IBM DB2 mainframe exports, real-time assessment records entered by users, binary PDFs, and metadata.

Topics Covered: Operational Data Hub, data integration, mainframe migration, relational, REST services, business transformation

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