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Secure File Transfers In Healthcare IT Infrastructure

Sep 30, 2019

Learn why customers in the healthcare industry buy manage file transfer software to consolidate and simply their file transfer process.

Rich Allen, Steven King, Vince Pierri and Kevin Conklin cover why organizations in highly compliant industries are replacing multiple FTP servers with managed file transfer software.


Greg Tomkins:

A question I often get asked is, "Where does file transfer fit in IT priorities?" My answer is, it's like the plumbing in your house. Every morning you care about getting hot water for your shower, but you don't really think about the plumbing that gets it there.

Kevin Conklin:

The number one priority of a company that contains sensitive data is that they secure and they lock it down. And they can do that through two ways. One is through their infrastructure, and the other is through the processes, authorizations, authentications with people who are authorized to access data and how exposed that data is.


For example, in healthcare, file transfer is the critical plumbing in the building processes. They need to send and receive insurance validation forms. They need to send claims forms to clearing houses who forward those on to insurance companies. The insurance companies in turn forward 835 remittance forms back to the clearing houses that go back to the hospitals. So, think about that. That's six file transfers per patient, and hospitals are sending thousands of these per day. They need this to go off like clockwork. So, as a result, managing file transfer becomes very complex.


And so what MOVEit does, for instance, is it makes sure that any data that leaves the trusted network is encrypted, and also that their communications from the trusted network to the public internet are terminated at the DMZ, which means that you're not actually talking to somebody in a clear communication. It's more like if I'm talking to you, I'm talking through a point, you come get that message from that point. So, one of the biggest risks is when you have a message that goes from the internet into a secured network, it can carry a virus that when I open it, now that virus is in my network.


So, why do customers buy manage file transfer? To consolidate and simplify their file transfer processes, to reduce this from three dimensional chess, to a simple game of checkers.

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