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QAD Application Services | Progress OpenEdge

Oct 16, 2023

Your QAD system is more than just a database—it’s your company’s livelihood. As customers of QADEE ourselves, the Progress team knows all the unique technical and functional needs of users running QAD.

The Progress team is here to help update and optimize your application to ensure your QAD system is running at peak efficiency - allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Our QAD consulting services include:

  • Progress OpenEdge v12 upgrade expertise, including: Advance cybersecurity features and database performance improvements.
  • Programming and System Integration: Our QAD-certified consultants will help design and execute a strategy on the most efficient setup, configuration and use of all QAD components and systems for your business.
  • Database Services in QAD: We can help you manage your environment and optimize your system's performance with our Managed Database Administration (MDBA) Service. The MDBA offers 24/7 support with preventative and proactive maintenance.
  • Managed QAD Services: Ensuring you’re leveraging all the newest features of your QAD application.
  • Pro2Archive: A simple and easy way to archive and/or delete and report for auditing purposes efficiently and quickly in a reporting tool of your choice. Keep your QAD system optimized while maintaining complete access to information and regulatory compliance.

Request a QAD consultation with one of our certified consultants today! 

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