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Powering MDM with MarkLogic Smart Mastering Demo

Oct 26, 2021

A highlight from our second event in our Digital Acceleration series, Powering MDM with MarkLogic. Frank Rubino, Solutions Director and Architect, gives us a demo on MarkLogic's Smart Mastering feature.

MarkLogic’s Smart Mastering provides the ability to master data quickly and automatically. You don’t have to buy an ineffective, siloed MDM system. It leverages the flexibility of our data modelling approach to quickly build your 360 views in the context of everything it knows. It looks at the multi-layered relationships across all of the data and uses fuzzy logic and AI (relevance scoring, database intelligence, and probabilistic algorithms to be specific) to match related records and provide confidence scores. Based on those scores, related records are merged automatically.

Even cooler, MarkLogic’s Smart Mastering also makes it possible to unmerge records if necessary. Because it all happens in the context of an Operational Data Hub, you can still easily access both the raw data and the harmonized, mastered versions. And it keeps the lineage and provenance so you can look back at all of your changes. No other MDM solution does that. Cool. Very cool.

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