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Navigating the Community - MOVEit

Mar 28, 2022

Navigating the Community - MOVEit

Welcome to a quick tour of the Progress Community! Check out our video on Accessing the Community if you need any assistance logging in. As always, we recommend using the Chrome browser and bookmarking directly, to enable you to get here the fastest.

On the main page, you will see a scrolling banner at the top. These notifications are updating all the time, and can be announcing anything from:

  • Free training webinars,
  • Ask-me-anythings,
  • Beta-releases,
  • Contests and more.  

Keep your eyes on the banner to see if there’s something of interest for your product set.

The tiles below are quick links to key areas, but you can also access some of the content via the menu bar, above. Below that, you’ll se our Gamification Leaderboard, Our Latest posts relevant to the entire Community, as well as a quick link to groups you’re a part of.

Scrolling back up, In the top menu bar, you’ll see quick access to areas. Our Products dropdown will get you to pages specifically tailored to your product of interest, giving you a landing page with the content most relevant to you.

This drop down is a quick link to our Discussion forums. Please note that not all discussions areas are fully listed here, however – if you click on “More Topics,” you’ll see more forums with specific content or areas for other product discussions.

Let’s look at the Groups area. This is a place where users with similar interests can have a specific place to communicate. Some groups can only be seen if you’re logged in, such as the CVP groups on the right-hand side. Many of the groups require membership, but others are open to the public. If you want access to a group you are not a part of, the system will prompt you to request membership. Once approved, you’ll be able to access the area.

As a best practice, we recommend joining your product’s CVP group and the Community Corner. The CVP groups give you access to product roadmaps, special events, and other behind-the-scenes information not available to the general public.

From the Resources drop down, you’ll see a lot of content. I’d like to specifically call out some areas where it might not be obvious what they are:

  • The Community Corner group has information regarding key information and events that are happening Community-wide.
  • Code Share
  • 3rd-party Open Source Code
  • Community Enhancements, which are different from product enhancements (also listed on this menu)
  • Gamification
  • Share your Knowledge
  • Many of our products have Code Sharing forums. Should you want to
  • browse code created by others in the user Community, or add your own, please go ahead to your Code Share area and see what’s available.
  • The 3rd-party Open Source Code area contains third-party component code used in various products (both original and as modified by Progress, if applicable). These are alphabetized and searchable, for your convenience.
  • The Community Enhancements area is where you can add your idea to improve the Community’s functionality or request content you’d like to see made available. This is separate from any product enhancement requests, and solely focuses on the Community platform, itself. Simply click on “Add a New Idea” and complete the form. This form will look for key words and let you know if a similar request has already been put in. If so, you can add a vote to that idea. Additionally, should you see other ideas you like, feel free to vote on them as well. As we look at our Community roadmap plans, this feedback is essential as we decide what to tackle next. As we add comments on items you’ve voted for, you’ll receive updates as well

The Community has a fun Gamification program, allowing users to earn points, levels and badges within the system. I won’t go into that too deeply in this video, as other videos have been made regarding this functionality and how to earn rewards. Please see the included resource links to find the videos specific to this program.

Speaking of badges, one of the ways to earn them is to have an article accepted into our Knowledgebase. Using the “Submit to Knowledgebase” feature, you can help your peers in the Progress Community benefit from your learnings. When you submit an article, it’s reviewed by our internal team for accuracy and, once approved, it will go live on the site. It never hurts to be the author of a knowledgebase article!

Product Downloads and Support are pretty self-explanatory, so let me jump over to Progress Notifications. Progress allows you to sign up for alerts regarding the products you’re interested in. Using this area, you can subscribe to:

  • Critical Alerts - cautioning of scenarios with potentially serious impact to your environment.
  • Product Alerts - Details about releases, updates, enhancements and bug fixes, calling out specific information to keep your system running optimally.
  • And Article notifications - Knowledgebase informational tips and recommendations that you will find useful in daily management and maintenance of your software.

Now, let’s look at the product pages where we’ve made the product-content you may want to see accessible at-a-glance.

The first thing you should notice about your products page is that it’s segmented. In this top area, you’ll find content that is updated periodically to ensure you’re able to find the most relevant information quickly.

You’ll also see a rotating banner, similar to the one on the homepage, but this version is tailored to your product. This way, in case you decide to bookmark this as your preferred page, you won’t miss any notifications important for your product set.

Below that, you’ll see your product’s latest “general” forum activity. This is dynamic and will update automatically. Since your product has additional forums, you’ll be able to find them linked over here, to the right.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll find key links that users have asked to have featured more prominently, for easy access to the content. Should you have another link you’d like to see added, please go ahead and let us know in our “Community Enhancements Portal”

At the bottom, you’ll find information that’s applicable to all of Progress’ products, as well.

That’s it for now! Please feel free to check out our other videos to help you get set up for success with Progress! Thank you!

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