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How a Multi-Model Approach Simplifies Your Architecture with Pearson Education

May 16, 2017

Presenters: Amie Brown, Chief Enterprise Architect, Pearson Frank Rubino, Solutions Director, MarkLogic

As Martin Fowler writes, “architecture is all the stuff that’s hard to change” once a system goes into production. So we better get it right. We often accept on principle that a simplified architecture is best. But what are the real reasons to simplify? This talk will lay out the most important ones, discuss how to find the best balance between simplicity and functionality, and explore ways you can use MarkLogic and AWS to realize “the full potential of simple” with a multi-model approach to persistence. The session will feature Chief Enterprise Architect Amie Brown of Pearson, who will share her real-world experience with these concepts.

Topics Covered: multi-model, flexibility, agility, data integration, data architecture, publishing

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