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Part One: MiFID II: It’s About the Data, Not the Reporting

Sep 7, 2016

With MiFID II regulations demanding increased pre and post-trade transparency for consumers, investment banks are in a race against the clock to demonstrate compliance across a dizzying array of data sources, systems and schemas before January 2018.

Providing real-time reporting when faced with comprehensive regulation is tricky – but not impossible. Dive into the details of MiFID II imperatives as MarkLogic explores how an Operational and Transactional Enterprise NoSQL Database can help ease the pain of regulatory reporting.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s difficult to achieve increased transparency with an increased scope of data sources
  • What are the four tenets of an effective and successful reporting structure
  • How an operational trade store works, taking a closer look at the end-state architecture
  • Why data accuracy is so problematic without bitemporal tracking

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