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Mastering Data Access with the Optic API & Template Driven Extraction – MLW Chicago

May 16, 2017

Presenters: Fayez Saliba, Staff Engineer, Development, MarkLogic Erik Hennum, Principal Engineer, Development, MarkLogic

MarkLogic allows users to integrate and harmonize data from silos, and lets them access that data flexibly and powerfully using MarkLogic 9’s Optic API. In this session you will learn how to best use both the Optic API and the enabling feature, Template Driven Extraction (TDE). We’ll present code samples, take a deep look at how to build applications, and provide a peek under the hood at the architecture powering these new capabilities.

Topics Covered: MarkLogic 9, Optic API, Template Driven Extraction (TDE), data integration, data harmonization

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