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MarkLogic World 2019 – Day 1 Keynotes

Jun 18, 2019

Gary Bloom Keynote: Simplifying data integration is the key to unlocking value across the entire organization, for business leaders, architects, and developers. But, what does it take to simplify data integration when data is still locked up in silos? A better approach is with a MarkLogic Data Hub, and organizations around the world are using it as a data platform to solve a wide variety of challenges. In this keynote, Gary Bloom discusses the impact a Data Hub can have, and lays out a vision for the future of data management.

Product Keynote: In the effort to build fast and innovate, the task of reconciling with existing data and business processes is often not prioritized. Individual teams want to move fast and avoid coordination costs and risks, and the business doesn’t want delays either. In other words, the task of integrating data silos is treated as a tax, not an opportunity.

MarkLogic flips this on its head by removing the innovation tax. Not only can teams be agile when developing apps on MarkLogic, they can also be agile when integrating data. Organizations can create a 360° view across silos that enables them to get to market faster AND enforce the important but tricky rules governing how data is shared and used. This keynote brings together the latest innovations in cloud, data curation, Smart Mastering, and machine learning to demonstrate a simpler approach to integrating data for real-time experiences and analytics.

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