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Using Managed File Transfer To Meet SLAs

Sep 28, 2019

Learn how companies are using a managed file transfer like MOVEit to meet service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers.

Vince Pierri, Greg Tomkins and Kevin Conklin cover how managed file transfer systems can help IT teams meet or exceed file transfer SLAs convering reliability and performance.


Vince Pierri:

An SLA is a service level agreement, and that's a guarantee of a level of service between a service provider and their customers. As trusted partners of our customers, we'd like to know as much as we can about the business aspects of their operations. Learning about this can help us enhance our products, enhance or service to make our customers as successful as possible. 

For example, we've got a large financial services customer that sends constant trades for their customers' 401(k)s and financial portfolios. If, for example, one of those trades was missed, they need to guarantee that price of that mutual fund or that stock for that day. The next day, if that stock price were to go up or down, they need to pay the difference in that stock price.

Our customers are using managed file transfer to send those trades. Now MOVEit has high availability and failover capabilities. So if the primary server were to go down for whatever reason, we have capabilities to automatically stand up another server.

Kevin Conklin:

So one of the things that MOVEit does is make sure that, for instance, when you send a file that it actually gets there. In a normal FTP environment, I could put the file up on an FTP server, but if you don't get it, or you don't download it, or that download is unsuccessful, I'm at risk. So we make sure that the entire process is complete, and we keep retransmitting until it is complete. And we can also set alerts and alarms for the IT organization, and then also provide SLA compliance reports at the end that say, "Yes, I did this for this organization, and here's the proof of that."

Greg Tomkins:

In fact, we have one customer who has an SLA contract with their client, and every time they fail to meet their SLAs, it costs them $50,000 per incident.


They got into this scenario saying, "Hey, I can't afford to miss any transactions. We got $50,000 from this large customer that we have that's waiting on our heads if this transaction is missed by an hour or so." It's a driver for our business, for how we operate. So we're gonna work as hard as we can to make our customers successful from a support, from a product, from a sales standpoint.

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