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Making Your Data Ready for the Next AI/ML Challenge

Mar 21, 2023

With DOD’s recent adoption of the Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence, we know that data providers, owners, and end users must be responsible, equitable, and provide traceability, reliability, and adherence to strict data governance and quality standards. Consumers and users should have a 360º view of their data, whether it is Intelligence Analysis, Logistics, Supply Chain, Inventory management, or the Nation’s next generation Intelligence Automation. The data that our warfighters depend on must be available, usable, informative, current, accurate, and secure.

Exploring these aspects and combining them with the challenge of next-generation advancements will require careful consideration for the future of data in an AI/ML world adhering to the needs of human-to-machine, machine-to-machine, and machine-to-human interfaces.

Is your data ready for the challenge of automation? Is it dependable, is it resilient, will it function as intended in a mission and operational environment? Is your data environment testable with viewable results that can be tracked and audited? Ask these questions and more when considering data readiness in an automated world of data.

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