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How a Data Hub Solves Challenges with Insurance Claims Processing

Jul 26, 2019

Relational databases simply don’t work for many of today’s data types, resulting in the need for time-consuming and expensive data modelling and extract, transform, load (ETL) processes. An operational data hub is a virtual filing cabinet that creates a single unified view of all claims data, whether structured or unstructured. Using a MarkLogic Insurance Data Hub enables insurers to integrate data more simply, resulting in downstream benefits such as faster insights, accelerated application delivery, and lower development costs.

With a 6X improvement in time to value, multi-model support for all structured and unstructured data sources, semantic search, and enterprise-grade security, our innovative technology offers a more efficient, agile approach to data integration, enabling insurance organizations to power faster, more accurate decision making with a 360° view of their claims data.

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