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GRC and Business Transformation: The Keys to Reinvention

Jun 2, 2017

Remember Y2K – the IT “problem” that should have brought businesses to a screeching halt? Despite the hype, the preparation led to widely documented business benefits and uncovered new opportunities that transformed organizations worldwide.

Similarly in today’s highly regulated Financial Services industry, enabling GRC by integrating data from silos can be the driver for future business use cases like machine learning and anti-fraud detection services. GRC can be your catalyst for new opportunities.

Listen in as our panel of financial services experts discuss the keys to reinventing your data strategy.

We’ll cover:

  • How to align your GRC strategy with a business transformation agenda
  • How to ensure your organization’s approach to data management isn’t just a one-off solution, but a comprehensive one adaptable to changing regulations
  • How to navigate the increasing regulatory demands for granular data security
  • How to turn your compliance spend into new opportunities to earn revenue

Learn how to embrace a dynamic GRC strategy with MarkLogic’s multi-model enterprise database platform by integrating data faster, better and at less cost.

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