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Global Markets Beyond Legislations:Building ABN AMRO’s Agile Data Foundation

Jun 17, 2019

The financial market is a highly competitive and regulated marketplace where buyers and sellers participate in the trade of assets such as equities, bonds, currencies, commodities and derivatives. The market is complex and changes rapidly. But, by managing your data well, you can achieve a competitive advantage.

The more elements you collect from semi-structured data and stitch together bitemporally, for example, the more visibility and insights you can generate from your data. This and other capabilities helped ABN AMRO address the MiFID II regulation last year, one of the biggest new regulations in financial markets.

As MiFID II and other regulations continue to change the way financial institutions operate, it is critical to achieve operational transparency. This means having a real-time, 360 view across customers, pre-trade, post-trade, and other records so that you can quickly collect, record, and extract information for regulators.

In this session, ABN AMRO Global Markets will give an overview of their MarkLogic Data Hub implementation. They will discuss how they handle raw and curated data, and the orchestration process used to disconnect providers from the various types of consumers both on a technical and functional level.

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