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Eaton: From a Data Lake to a Data Hub

Jun 12, 2018

Imagine a company that has grown from $5 Billion to $20 Billion in revenue through acquisitions, and now has a landscape that includes over 100 different ERP systems. Then imagine you are responsible for delivering a consolidated view of how that company is performing! To provide that view, the BI team at Eaton started building a Data Lake based on relational technology, but after realizing that it was not accomplishing their goals, made the decision to go with a MarkLogic Operational Data Hub implementation.

In this session, you will hear what Eaton learned through the process, and some tips from their experience adopting MarkLogic. The discussion will include details on how they addressed the challenge of having several concurrent teams ingesting data from dozens of different ERP source systems.


  • Allen Muller, Manager, Enterprise Information Architecture, Eaton
  • Derek Laufenberg, Director, Sales Engineering, MarkLogic

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