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Customer Panel: Solving New Data Challenges With MarkLogic

May 11, 2016

Panelists: Andrzej Dostani, Vice President, Product Development & Delivery (PD&D), IHS Doug Fedorchak, Director, Acceleated Solutions and Innovation, American Medical Association Marybeth Wootton, CEO, Berico Technologies

Moderator: Adrian Carr, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Enterprise Sales, MarkLogic

In this session, three leading companies share their stories about the difficult challenges they faced with integrating large volumes of varied data. With MarkLogic, they were able to rethink their approach, integrating their data and making it possible to search across all of it in a unified way. However, although the use cases seem similar, each company took a unique and different approach. This session provides a first-hand look at each particular solution, showing how MarkLogic was tailored to meet specific requirements across different companies and industries.

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