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Aetna: Achieving Faster App Development and Increased Governance

Jun 12, 2018

Every organization wants to get into production quickly with as little risk as possible. To achieve that goal, the team at Aetna created a MarkLogic Center of Excellence, which aided the development of repeatable frameworks that provide a standard, efficient way of getting data in and out of MarkLogic. In this session, we’ll go into technical detail about how the frameworks enabled the application development teams to focus on business logic and achieve faster delivery timelines. We’ll also discuss how frameworks provide traceability across different data sets, which is very important when addressing the regular audits that happen in a highly regulated business.


  • Rupinder Singh, Senior App Software Delivery Advisor, Aetna
  • Lien Suandy, Senior App Software Delivery Advisor, Aetna
  • Puneet Rawal, Principal Sales Engineer, MarkLogic

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