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Accessing Sitefinity Product Downloads

Mar 28, 2022

Accessing Product Downloads (Sitefinity)

Hello, and welcome to our video on how to access your Sitefinity product downloads.  To access your downloads, you will need to log into the Telerik Your Account portal.  To access the portal, go to  In the top right-hand corner, click on the grey person icon in the top banner and select the Telerik “Your Account option”. If you have not logged in recently, you will be prompted to login using your Telerik account.

This is the Your Account portal dashboard.  You can access your product downloads by clicking the Downloads link in the top navigation or by clicking the Downloads tile in the middle of the page.  The downloads page lists all of your active Sitefinity licenses.  To download, simply click on the license .

On this page, you can download the full installer.  The patches section lists all of the available patches for your licensed version.  Clicking the file name will start the download.

That’s all for this video.  We recommend checking out our other videos to get set up for success with Progress.  Thank you!

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