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Secure Architectures When Deploying MarkLogic On-Premises

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Maintaining security through the deployment process is critical—all the way from planning to going live into production. In this white paper, we take a close look at on-premises deployments of different sizes—small, medium, large, and extra large. Then, we look at the security profiles—standard, medium, and high.

Depending on which type of deployment you have, we provide the recommended architectural design and checklist for that scenario. Our recommendations take into careful consideration the most important aspects of security— authentication, authorization, auditing, and more. We also take into account how a MarkLogic deployment might fit into your existing security infrastructure.

All of the information provided in this white paper is based on best practices developed from our experience with hundreds of MarkLogic deployments at large enterprises, and we expect this information will help architects, DBAs, and System and Infrastructure Administrators (“SysOps”) make the right decisions during the deployment process.

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