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Rethinking the use of data and information in modern policing

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As the challenges facing policing and law enforcement agencies grow in volume and complexity, the need to transform and meet these challenges head-on has never been greater. The recognition of the role and importance of data and the necessity to unlock insights and deliver actionable intelligence is evident. Likewise the need to manage, search, analyse and present data quickly, efficiently and securely is central to the transformation that is taking place in Digital Policing. The findings and insights uncovered by Dods through their research from interviewing and surveying frontline police officers in the UK only reinforce this.

MarkLogic is at the forefront of assisting police forces with managing their most complex of data challenges. We are enabling the gathering of insight from multiple silos of operational data, which police forces can share with other partners securely and in real time. This in turn is helping to reduce crime, save lives and keep our citizens safe.

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