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MOVEit Secure Folder Sharing

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Simple, Secure, Folder Sharing for Easier Collaboration

Simpler Sharing for Secure Collaboration

Broaden the adoption of MOVEit across your end-users to extend its security, management control and traceability features to collaboration and ad hoc file sharing of sensitive data. Let users create their own secure shared folders for collaboration with anyone.

Users can extend MOVEit file transfer capabilities to anyone while administrators maintain full control over permissions and audit logs. A simple user interface is provided to manage permissions for any folder user. This gives MOVEit customers a simple, secure and cost-effective way to reduce the potential for unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data that is inherent in ‘shadow IT’ implementations of cloud-based file sharing systems, EFSS systems or email.

Greater Oversight with Reduced Overhead

Regular MOVEit users can create their own shared folders, thus alleviating the workload on MOVEit administrators. However, administrators continue to maintain complete visibility into all files, transactions and activities and can even set notifications for all events. Granular permissions make it easy to limit the file visibility and who folders are shared with, as well as their ability to delete files. They can also be restricted to download or upload only. The result is a fully auditable, user-managed collaboration folder that can be customized for any internal or external user.

Flexible Deployment and Access Options

A broad range of client options support mobile, web and Outlook access. A free MOVEit Client is also available for simple drag & drop desktop transfers from Windows or MacOS devices.  MOVEit Transfer’s flexible architecture supports scalability or availability demands with a web farm implementation. Domain-based or username-based mutli-tenancy configurations are also supported. User access can be securely controlled via Multi-Factor authentication.  MOVEit Transfer also supports Secure Folder Sharing, making it simple for internal and external users to securely and easily collaborate while maintaining a complete audit trail.


  • Simple and secure collaboration between internal and external end-users
  • Low administrative overhead with user self-service
  • Full logging and audit trail of all sharing activities
  • Superior security compared to consumer-grade EFSS and email
FeatureSecure Folder SharingEFSS
Easy to use  
Tells who folder is shared with  
Unlimited internal and external users  
On-premises or cloud deployments  
Tamper-evident logging  
All the security features of MOVEit  
Syncs secure files to insecure devices  

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