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MOVEit Managed File Transfer REST API

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Integration Access to MOVEit Services & Administration

Integrate MOVEit with External Scripts & Services

The MOVEit REST API interface offers programmatic access to many of the administrative functions and services of MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation. It can be accessed from any scripting language including PowerShell, Python, Perl or a command line HTTP client such as Curl. It can also interoperate with third party tools that provide REST interface capabilities.

Authentication is done via an industry standard token passing scheme, requiring a username and password which returns a time-limited token, which can then be used for subsequent requests.

Development Assistance

Both MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation include the Swagger interface - a popular framework of API developer tools for the OpenAPI Specification(OAS). Using this Web UI, a user can see how calls interact with the REST interface by running scripts against the interfaces and see the output interactively. This is a great way for administrators to get started with the APIs.

Outbound Calls from MOVEit Automation

MOVEit Automation has the ability to make calls to other REST services via PowerShell scripts from within an Automation task. The returned data and files can be copied to other hosts or used as part of the next step of a multi-step task. This enables MOVEit Automation to integrate with external storage networks, database servers and web services in general. Users can now leverage the rich PowerShell and .Net ecosystems of available modules and libraries available to help with a wide array of tasks and workflows.


The Inbound API interface is available as an option for MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation, and is included in the MOVEit Transfer Standard, Professional, and Premium bundles. It is also available as an option in MOVEit Automation Enterprise, and is included as part of MOVEit Automation Standard, Professional, and Premium bundles. The ability to connect to other web services via PowerShell from within Automation is provided as a standard feature of the product in MOVEit Automation Enterprise, Standard, Professional, and Premium.


  • Create, transfer and delete files, folders or users in MOVEit Transfer
  • Create, update, run and delete tasks in MOVEit Automation
  • Generate task, audit and file activity reports in MOVEit Automation
  • Access detailed information about MOVEit Automation hosts
  • Start, stop and check status of the MOVEit Automation scheduler
  • Retrieve detailed status, report and audit log data
  • Firewall friendly - runs over HTTPS (port 443)
  • Includes Swagger framework of API developer tools
  • Inbound access via languages such as PowerShell, Python and .Net
  • Outbound access via PowerShell
  • No need to install libraries

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