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MOVEit Freely Command-line Client

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MOVEit Freely is a FTP and Secure FTPS File Transfer Command-line Client for Windows.

MOVEit Freely is a secure replacement for the non-secure ftp.exe command-line file transfer client that comes with Microsoft Windows. MOVEit Freely can perform FTP file transfers without any edits to existing batch files and only minor edits for Secure FTP over SSL (FTPS) file transfers.

MOVEit Freely was developed for use with MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Cloud, but can be used to exchange files with a wide variety of FTP and FTPS file transfer servers. When used with a file transfer server that supports the FTPS protocol, MOVEit Freely is able to safely send authentication credentials and file contents over a strong SSL encrypted connection, without the need for PGP.
MOVEit Freely carefully checks the security certificate of the servers to which it connects, warning when the cert is not valid. MOVEit Freely is also able to identify itself by presenting client security certificates to the servers to which it connects.
Additionally, MOVEit Freely provides important operational capabilities, including support for firewall-friendly Passive FTP transfers and the ability to support encrypted transfers with FTPS servers where network address translation (NAT) is being    used.
MOVEit Freely clients have some special abilities when being used to exchange files with MOVEit Transfer or MOVEit Cloud. Freely does automatic, cryptographically strong SHA1 integrity checking of each file, before uploading and after downloading, and transmits the results to MOVEit Transfer or MOVEit Cloud for use in providing file non-repudiation and guaranteed delivery. MOVEit Freely also automatically compresses files in order to facilitate faster uploads.

Technical  Specifications 

  • FTP and FTPS transfers
  • 128-bit SSL encryption with FTPS transfers
  • IMPLICIT, iTLS-P and TLS-C FTP over  SSL transfers
  • Passive mode file transfers
  • RFC 959, 1579, 2228 and 4217 compliant
  • Resume of interrupted transfers (with FTPS servers that support it, including MOVEit Transfer and Cloud
  • Validates X.509 server authentication certificates
  • Presents X.509 client authentication certificates
  • FTPS client-side NAT support
  • ISO-Latin-1 character support 
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

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