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Cleaning Up the Data Lake with an Operational Data Hub

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Data lakes in many organizations have devolved into unusable data swamps. This ebook from O’Reilly Media shows you how to solve this problem using an Operational Data Hub (ODH) to collect, store, index, cleanse, harmonize and master data of all shapes and formats.

You’ll discover how the ODH helps you leverage the investment in your data lake (or swamp), so that the data trapped there can finally be ingested, processed and provisioned.

With this ebook, you’ll learn how an ODH:

  • Allows you to focus on categorizing data for easy fast retrieval
  • Provides flexible storage models, indexing support, query capabilities, security, and a governance framework
  • Delivers flexible storage models; support for indexing, scripting, and automation; query capabilities; transactional integrity; and security
  • Includes a governance model to help you access, ingest, harmonize, materialize, provision, and consume data

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