Oracle Wire Protocol ADO.Net Driver

The Progress DataDirect Connect ADO.Net provider for Oracle is thoroughly proven in data transaction intensive environments in which high performance, stability and security are mission-critical requirements.

  • Fully supports all Oracle systems including Oracle 8.1.6, 8.1.7, 9iR1, 9iR2, 10g R1, and 10g R2 from a single data provider assembly that is 100% managed .NET code.
  • Eliminates the requirement for Oracle networking software (Oracle*NET)
  • Supports provider interoperability features such as escape syntax for stored procedure executions, scalar functions and literal values. Additionally, supports provider ANSI standard parameter markers, neutral error objects, standardized error code mappings and common ways to specify arrays of parameters for use.
  • Fully supports stored procedures that choose to return results in PL/SQL TABLE type output parameters.
  • Supports the ability to execute a single SQL statement using multiple rows of values.
  • Tuning options to control the amount of data that is returned across the network on single roundtrips from the Oracle server.
  • Highly optimized for queries that return multiple results. For applications that return more than 2 or 3 rows from a single query, DataDirect's Connect for .NET Oracle data provider has performance advantages of up to 50-150% over all competitive providers in benchmarks run inside the DataDirect labs.


To learn more about DataDirect Connect for .NET for Oracle databases, visit this page.

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