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Manage Digital Resources at Global Scale

Today’s digital truth: fail to captivate customers with a dynamic web experience, and your bottom line will suffer. Delight them, and you’ve unleashed a powerful force to sustain success. A strategic web approach is that valuable.

If you have an unruly or siloed web presence, or plan to scale and want to do it the right way the first time, then try Progress® DigitalFactory.

  • Eliminates cost and complexity of infrastructure setup, management, maintenance and scaling
  • Simplifies DevOps process and enables a consistent global brand experience without sacrificing marketing agility
  • Supports administration, security and visibility needed to meet governance requirements

  • Extends web and mobile solutions through rich data connectivity

Solve Your Web Challenges

Go beyond your typical content management system (CMS) to get a single solution to centrally manage your website and mobile needs. Scale to meet increased organizational demands, while reducing the cost of infrastructure challenges, maintenance and production. Unify your web approach with enviable mobile, and usability that delivers a distinct competitive advantage.

Centralized Management

Drive business and IT collaboration by breaking dependencies hindering execution


Create & Reuse Content—Easily

Enable marketers to focus on content, free from channel constraints


Get Security, Governance and Compliance

Global governance with local control


Extensibility, Delivery & DevOps

Everything needed to easily integrate, extend, deliver and manage websites at global scale


Start Your Journey

We'll work with you to understand your needs and determine how to best implement the DigitalFactory solution at your organization.


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Improve efficiency and delivery speed so you can accelerate your time to market. That’s only part of what DigitalFactory can do for you.