fierce content management March 12, 2012

Sitefinity 5.0 adapts automatically to any screen size

Sitefinity released version 5.0 of its web content management system, one that includes adaptive screen sizing to enable developers and designers to adapt their design to any screen size, from desktop to cell phone, automatically.

CMS Wire March 5, 2012

Telerik Sitefinity 5.0 web CMS includes mobile features

The latest release of Telerik's Sitefinity Web CMS includes mobile features that adapt web content for the variety of available screen sizes.

CMS Critic March 4, 2012

Sitefinity CMS 5 hits the Web – brings cutting-edge mobile tools

Sitefinity CMS 5 has hit the web with a selection of cutting edge mobile tools! This release delivers enhanced mobile features to manage web content uniquely adapting it to display appropriately on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Financial Times March 1, 2012

CFTC seeks to tighten regulation on 'algos'

Dr. John Bates comments on the recent erroneous trading incident that took place on the NYSE Amex and weighs in on the need for real-time market surveillance.

SD Times February 27, 2012

The Huffington Post February 27, 2012

Italian Borsa Move May Breed Brave New World of Algos

Dr. John Bates discusses Italian Borsa’s recent decision regarding high frequency trading.

The Economist February 25, 2012

The fast and the furious

Dr. John Bates comments on flash crashes.

The Economist February 25, 2012

High-frequency trading: The fast and the furious

In this special report, Dr. John Bates comments the future of high-frequency trading. Self-learning systems, in which sentiment algorithms mine the capital markets and spot correlations that are too complex for humans to see and make trading recommendations, will provide opportunities for traders, but will require human validation.

Visual Studio Magazine February 21, 2012

GigaOM February 21, 2012

Why start up in Boston?

Progress Software is cited in a roundup of the startup scene in Boston.

Logistics Week February 21, 2012

Unpredictable Predictions For Supply Chain In 2012

Read the predictions from Henry Hicks, industry vice president – supply chain, Progress Software.

DotNetZone February 17, 2012