CMS Critic April 1, 2012

Sitefinity review – a look at Sitefinity 5

Read a comprehensive review of the Sitefinity 5 functionalities by CMS Critic.

Ulitzer April 1, 2012

Waters Technology April 1, 2012

Mission impossible

Article looking at how technology is used in market surveillance to combat abuse.

Inbound Logistics March 30, 2012

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

Henry Hicks writes about managing supply chain disruptions. March 27, 2012

SaaS Brings HR Functions Into the 21st Century

Matt Cicciari writes about how SaaS brings HR functions into the 21st century.

IT Executive March 26, 2012

A lot of data, limited insight and no action

Bylined article on the increase of data and RPM.

Visual Studio Magazine March 25, 2012

Forbes March 23, 2012

Bad Day For BATS: IPO Canceled, Snafu Causes Apple Halt (Update: CEO Speaks)

John Bates comments on the BATS Global Markets flash crash.

HTML 5 Report March 22, 2012

The Huffington Post March 21, 2012

High Frequency Trading: The Party Might Get a Little Less Wild

John Bates blogs about high frequency trading.

JAVA Developers Journal March 21, 2012

Moving Big Data Gets a Push with the Release of DataDirect Connect

Progress made available the latest version of its drivers, Progress DataDirect Connect for JDBC 5.0..