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MSDN February 1, 2012

WSL February 1, 2012

Pipeline February 1, 2012

How Carriers are Moving into the Cloud

Sanjay Kumar comments on trends among carries in the cloud space.

Logistiek February 1, 2012

Trends in supply chain risk management

Bylined article on trends in supply chain risk management.

Advanced Trading January 31, 2012

High-Frequency Trading is Hitting the BRICs

Dr. John Bates is quoted discussing how ultra-fast trading has transformed global markets in recent years.

BBC January 31, 2012

Brics catch high-frequency trading habit

How ultra-fast trading has transformed global markets in recent years.

Waters Technology January 31, 2012

Gualtieri Makes Progress

Progress Software appoints Mike Gualtieri.

DevProConnections January 30, 2012

ManufacturingNet January 30, 2012

Supply Chain Planning Is Dead — Or Is It?

Henry Hicks, industry vice president of supply chain, and Guy Courtin, supply chain industry marketing manager, discuss their predicitons for supply chain management in 2012.

Supply Chain Movement January 27, 2012

Acting like Napoleon

Bylined article on RPM in supply chain management.

eBiz January 26, 2012

Complex event processing boosts agility to create competitive advantage

Progress Software is mentioned in a roundup of complex event processing products.

CBR January 19, 2012

Q&A: Progress Software CTO, from BPM to RPM

An interview with Hub Vandervoort discussing Progress' RPM vision.

Capacity Magazine January 16, 2012

Wholesale world 2012: Back office needs

How carriers are adopting a fresh approach to maximize profitability.

PMI.it January 13, 2012

Business processes in 2012: cloud, security and web app

News article about 2012 IT predictions.

Telecom Paper January 13, 2012

2012 year of the telco customer

Article based on the Telco predictions release. We have pitched this exclusively with this tier 1 publication.

Automazione Industriale January 12, 2012

Cloud, collaboration and control will lead in 2012

News article about 2012 IT predictions.

Securities Technology Monitor January 11, 2012

IBM Obtains Patent for Estimating Volatility in High-Frequency Trading

Dr. John Bates weighs in on the usefulness of predicting stock volatility in high frequency trading.

Advanced Trading January 10, 2012

Traders Face Weak Hiring Prospects in 2012

Giles Nelson, cofounder of Progress Apama, discusses 2012 traders hiring trends.