businessCloud9 May 24, 2011

Progress aims to open cloud by "abstracting" it

Colleen Smith, VP of Saas, Progress Software, comments in featured article on cloud operations and Progress Arcade.

Financial Times May 23, 2011

Beware the ‘Splash Crash’

Progress Software CTO, John Bates, comments on the ramifications of the flash crash, the possibility of and ways to prevent another.

Barron's May 21, 2011

Next Danger: "Splash Crash"

Progress Software CTO, John Bates, comments on the ramifications of the flash crash, the possibility of and ways to prevent another.

Business Insider May 20, 2011

Why Algorithmic Trading Needs To Be Tamed

In this contributed piece, Dr. John Bates explains the need for regulation within algorithmic trading

CIO May 13, 2011

Sentimental Journey

In this contributed article, Dr. John Bates comments on the sentiment analysis of market fluctuations and how Twitter can predict changing market algorithms

Traders May 12, 2011

Algos: Better, Faster … Fewer

Dan Hubscher discusses the benefits of customizable algorithms

AutomatedTrader May 11, 2011

Progress Software launches RPM 2.0 Suite

Coverage highlighting the Progress RPM 2.0 suite launch

Advanced Trading May 6, 2011

Fallout of the Flash Crash - One Year On

Dr. John Bates comments on the anniversary of the May 2010 flash crash and the necessary measures that must be adopted to ensure that history does not repeat itself

Visual Studio Magazine May 3, 2011

Professional Tester Magazine May 3, 2011

Advanced Trading April 21, 2011

Buy, Sell or Hold With Twitter?

Dr. John Bates comments on the theory the "Twitter Trading" theory, that the activity on the microblog can predict market moves

CMS Critic April 17, 2011

Sitefinity 4.1 – Ready for the Cloud and a Lot Faster

The fine folks at Telerik just released Sitefinity CMS 4.1 and with this release, they bring about a ton of cool new features and enhancements: ready for the cloud, significantly faster, and introducing multilingual UI.

AutomatedTrader April 13, 2011

Progress Software Expands Single Dealer FX Platform Connectivity

Richard Bentley, Industry Vice President, Capital Markets, comments on the expansion of FX Platform connectivity

marketsmedia April 12, 2011

Algo Policing Needed

Dr. John Bates comments on the need for better algorithmic policies by government and industry

CIO April 11, 2011

How Cloud Computing Promotes Business Growth

Progress Software customer, Coty, describes their move to the cloud and the positive effect on business growth

Integration developer news April 7, 2011

Progress RBI ‘Scores’ More Agility for SOA Services, Data and Policy

Hub Vandervoort, Progress CTO, provides insight into how the Progress Responsive Business Integration suite helps drive business agility

Mass High Tech March 29, 2011

Progress Software highlights gains in profit, revenue

Progress Software's increased revenue and profits for 2011 are highlighted