Managing an Increasingly Complex Data Landscape

Founded in 2001, MarkLogic, a leader in managing complex data and metadata, enhances Progress’ commitment to deliver the best products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact applications by providing a unified enterprise-grade semantic data platform that empowers customers to derive value from complex data.

“The key to the success of any business is its ability to tackle complex data challenges through informed decision making. To do this effectively, users must turn data into actionable insights—and that is what MarkLogic delivers. Progress’ digital experience and infrastructure software products along with MarkLogic products will create an unmatched platform, giving customers access to an increasingly more complete offering to drive business success.”

Yogesh Gupta



What Sets Progress Apart

Progress pursues acquisitions that strengthen our portfolio, yet also give the acquired company greater opportunity for future growth. With 100,000 enterprise customers, 3.5 million application developers and 1,700 ISVs, all serviced by a seasoned global sales organization, acquired companies have instant access to the infrastructure and tools needed to succeed at scale. Once welcomed into Progress’ global ecosystem of customers, partners and communities, acquired products and customers can really thrive. By reinvesting nearly 20% of revenue into R&D, the team can often accelerate roadmaps and expand into new geographic markets. The acquired company also benefits when Progress’ high-performing public relations and marketing teams get to work.


  • Dedicated integration team
  • Comprehensive integration playbook spanning pre and post close
  • Frequent and transparent communication

Acquisition Success: MarkLogic

Looking at our acquisition of MarkLogic, we are pleased to see how our holistic approach to integration delivers sound results:

  • One-Year Integration Journey

    Post-acquisition, Progress and MarkLogic embarked on a one-year journey to integrate MarkLogic into Progress. As part of an extensive employee communications plan, Progress produced a monthly acquisition update newsletter to keep MarkLogic employees fully informed on the progress of the integration. Employee comfort with the process was monitored through surveys produced over that period and showed MarkLogic employees felt welcome following their onboarding experience.

  • Expanding Market Opportunities

    The company continues to refine its cross-selling strategy between MarkLogic and Semaphore to the Progress OpenEdge customer base, and Semaphore and Progress Corticon into the MarkLogic customer base.

  • Resource Utilization

    Over the course of the one-year integration roadmap, a number of milestones were reached to streamline business processes. For example, data centers were migrated and customer support ticketing systems were combined. Additionally, the Progress Federal Solutions sales team (formerly MarkLogic) is now actively selling Progress Chef and from a marketing standpoint, MarkLogic digital properties have been fully integrated into

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