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Chef: Scaling the Business Post-Close

A major benefit of joining Progress is gaining access to the significant resources of a public company with a proven 40-year record of accomplishment, stability and global success.

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What Sets Progress Apart

Progress pursues acquisitions that strengthen our portfolio, yet also give the acquired company greater opportunity for future growth. With 100,000 enterprise customers, 3.5 million application developers and 1,700 ISVs, all serviced by a seasoned global sales organization, acquired companies have instant access to the infrastructure and tools needed to succeed at scale.

Once welcomed into Progress’ global ecosystem of customers, partners and communities, acquired products and customers can really thrive. By reinvesting nearly 20% of revenue into R&D, the team can often accelerate roadmaps and expand into new geographic markets. The acquired company also benefits when Progress’ high-performing public relations and marketing teams get to work.


  • Greater opportunity for future growth
  • Global market expansion
  • Accelerated product roadmaps

Acquisition Success: Chef

Stellar post-close performance tells a tale of business renewal.

  • Customer Surveys and Feedback

    Acquired Chef customers were amazed by the volume of features, functionality and roadmap transparency Progress delivered post-close.

  • Professional Development

    By joining a larger, global organization, there were opportunities for high performers to take on greater leadership responsibilities post acquisition.

  • Market Expansion

    Pre-acquisition, Chef was primarily known in the US. Once it tapped into the power of Progress’ sales and marketing support, Chef expanded visibility and sales to include Germany, France, Australia and in Central America/Latin America regions.

  • Resource Utilization

    Financial investments formally spread across staff functions like accounting, legal and human resources could be redirected towards advancing product development into more products, functions and use cases.

Learn How Your Company Can Flourish Post-Progress Acquisition.

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