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Kemp: Integration Done Right

Immediate and long-term merger and acquisition (M&A) success depends on a smooth integration process between the two companies. In the case of Progress, “integration” extends far beyond harmonizing technology systems between two companies.

For us, integration is holistic and includes a combined focus on people, customers, processes, culture and technology. That’s why we have a team dedicated to guiding the integration process from start to finish—and truly—beyond the post-close period as well.

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What Sets Progress Apart

The Progress Corporate Development team recognizes the criticality of the integration function, and as such, has staff committed to integration success. Integration is led by a Vice President, whose key responsibility is to ensure an organized and thoughtful transition for all people, customers, processes and systems that become a part of Progress.

With a detailed playbook organized by week both pre- and post-close, our Vice President of Integrations leads a cross-functional team to ensure the onboarding experience is seamless. Central to our success has been having members from finance, IT and people management, marketing and legal, along with other functions, working together to create a respectful and smooth integration experience.

Every decision made is done keeping people top of mind. Fear of the unknown is a natural feeling during transitions like this. By being proactive, anticipating questions and crafting answers beforehand, Progress creates a more transparent environment that includes sharing consistent and frequent communications with in-coming employees. This greatly reduces stress and enables us to create a welcoming experience for those joining Progress via acquisition.


  • Dedicated integration team
  • Comprehensive integration playbook spanning pre and post close
  • Frequent and transparent communication

Acquistion Success: Kemp

Looking at our acquisition of Kemp, we were pleased to see evidence of how our holistic approach to integration delivers sound results:

  • Employee Surveys

    Employee surveys showed 95% of former Kemp employees felt welcome following their onboarding experience.

  • Career Growth

    Key leaders from Kemp stayed on with Progress and now hold leadership roles that continue to drive the business forward. What’s more, as part of Progress, they enjoy greater visibility and responsibility than they had before. Opportunities like this are likely why we’ve had minimal turnover among the Kemp leaders who joined Progress at the close of the transaction.

  • Product Expansion

    Progress has taken geocentric product lines—in Kemp’s case in Eastern Europe—and introduced them into a global business offering. Scaling this quickly shows what’s possible when you add access to vast resources like global sales and marketing, and combine that with strong strategy and business continuity/low turnover.

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