Cognitive-First: The Next
Generation of Business Apps

The Challenge and Opportunity

The power of new technologies is greater than ever.

Experience without Limits

Deliver an engaging UX for modern business apps across existing and emerging channels

Lead with Intelligence

Easily integrate cognitive services in your applications with a modern, robust backend

Harness Big Data

Connect to all data and business systems – on premise or in the cloud

The Solution: Cognitive-First Business Applications

Organizations need to dramatically simplify the process of creating and deploying modern applications.
Progress provides the necessary set of capabilities to build the next-generation of mission-critical business applications—cognitive-first apps.

Progress provides the best platform to meet these requirements by helping you deliver engaging user experiences without limits across existing and emerging user channels. Your apps will lead with intelligence, enabled by predictive results generated by automated machine learning.

These intelligence services are part of a modern cloud that also includes robust backend services, business rules and content as a service. And you can easily harness big data by connecting to all data and business systems on premise or in the cloud.

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