Cognitive-First: The Next
Generation of Business Apps

The Challenge and Opportunity

The power of new technologies is greater than ever. Organizations have an amazing new arsenal of technological capabilities at their disposal that have the potential to truly change the paradigms of what their business can offer.

But the blinding speed of technological development has generated unprecedented complexity that all organizations are struggling to manage. User experiences today are across every type of device and increasingly new forms of interaction such as voice, chat, augmented reality and more. Architectures today include a complex mix of private, public and hybrid cloud, on premise and SaaS apps, IoT and much more. And data volume, variety and velocity have exploded as both human and machine generated data expand exponentially.

The pressure to deliver applications that can harness these factors and deliver competitive advantage has never been more intense.

The Solution: Cognitive-First Business Applications

Organizations need to dramatically simplify the process of creating and deploying modern applications.
Progress provides the necessary set of capabilities to build the next-generation of mission-critical business applications—cognitive-first apps.


Frontend tools to build immersive user experiences

Responsive Web
Kendo UI

Easily build compelling experiences with the industry’s most complete web UI toolbox

Native Apps

Use JavaScript to create native iOS and Android apps

Hybrid Apps
Telerik AppBuilder

Use cross-platform development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone experiences

Emerging Channels
Emerging Channels

Stay tuned for more on chatbots, AR/VR and voice


Cloud services including robust backend services, machine learning, business rules and content

Intelligence as a Service

Leverage a cognitive predictive maintenance platform for industrial IoT

Backend as a Service

Deploy an open, secure digital cloud platform for backend services

Rules as a Service

Easily manage complex business rules needed for demanding cognitive applications

Content as a Service

Deliver engaging content-driven digital experiences personalized with machine learning


Universal connectivity that makes all data accessible and usable


Connect to data from any cloud or on-premise location. Leverage hybrid connectivity to access data from any cloud, even behind firewalls.


Use OpenEdge application data as a vital source for your cognitive apps.

Systems of Record
Big Data
Cloud Apps

Digital leaders ensure that their modern mission-critical applications are immersive, connected, intelligent, and built for Internet scale. Progress provides the best platform to meet these requirements by helping you deliver engaging user experiences without limits across existing and emerging user channels. Your apps will lead with intelligence, enabled by predictive results generated by automated machine learning. These intelligence services are part of a modern cloud that also includes robust backend services, business rules and content as a service. And you can easily harness big data by connecting to all data and business systems on premise or in the cloud.


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